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4 Funny Condom Myths Many Pinoys Believe In

It’s funny until someone gets positive.
May 24, 2017
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Some call it rubber. Others call it plastic. We call it the “wonderwall” because maybe it’s going to be the one that saves you from a sexually-transmitted disease (STD) or an unplanned pregnancy someday. We are talking about the condom, of course – an ingenious invention that has truly been a game-changer as to how society view and practice sex.

Here’s a fact: Condoms, used correctly, have a 98% rate of protecting against unwanted pregnancies and up to 99% effective in keeping STDs such as HIV and chlamydia at bay. With the rise of HIV cases in the country, you need all the protection you can get.

The above are facts. But sometimes, false info get into the mix, especially in today’s #AlternativeFacts generation. We’re talking about condom myths. Below are four of them. So, read up and rid yourself of alternative condom facts that might be preventing you from maximizing the magic of the wonderwall.

Condoms can’t be used for blowjobs.
Yes they can. We mean, no one’s stopping you. Go ahead and have a blowjob with a condom on. It’s a free country. But here’s what you probably didn’t know: blowjob with a condom has its health benefits. There are some STDs that are passed on through oral sex such as herpes, pubic lice, and the human papillomavirus (HPV) or more commonly known as...genital warts. The condom offers some extra protection as opposed to full skin-to-skin mouth-to-penis/ tongue-to-vagina contact.

Using two condoms at once is more effective.
Nope. While you have more condoms ready for use with the Bliss Four condoms, we’d like to take this chance to tell you that using two of them at a time isn’t going to double the protection. In fact, you’re lessening its effectivity. The condoms used simultaneously will rub against each other, and may cause them to break. Condoms are not designed for plastic-to-plastic friction; using two at a time will cause breaks where STDs or semen can leak out from.

You should always have condoms in your wallet.
Well, if you want to have broken condoms, by all means, put them in your wallet. Even if most condoms are durable, they have little fighting chance to be in perfect condition if you store them in your wallet. Why? The friction due to sitting and walking can compromise the quality of the condoms. So, place them in a safe place like your bag or man purse – just make sure they’re away from sharp objects like pens.

Condom packs only come in threes.
Is three enough for you? It certainly isn’t for many of us. In fact, the number of condoms you use may be directly proportionate to the passion you have for your woman. So, don’t think that you should only have three rounds because you only have three rubbers with you. Most condoms come in threes – but not all. Bliss Four comes in four – more of them in a pack means more loving minus the STDs and the unplanned pregnancy. Unlike the usual condoms that come in threes, Bliss Four comes 4-in-a-pack – for real love and then some.
How’s that for some wonderwall wisdom, huh? With these four myths cleared up, you know better now how to maximize the good ol’ condom. Now that you know more, why not go for four? If you haven't tried Bliss Four condoms yet, it's time to experience it and go further in bed. Seriously, why stop at three? 

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Many times, three isn’t enough