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5 Reasons Ladies Love Guys Who Sweat It Out

Part of it is definitely being able to show her your competitive fire.
April 28, 2016
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Ask any of your lady friends and you’re bound to find the same answer: women love men who can sweat it out. Sure, some women prefer the clean, prim-and-proper look in a mate (as opposed to the appeal of scruffier, down-and-dirty gentlemen). But even then, a man who knows how to get out, get active, and get sweaty is likely to have the ladies swooning. Research published in the Journal of Neuroscience finds that sweat has chemical properties that give it the ability to influence a faster heart rate and socioemotional attraction in women. Beyond the sweat itself, however, here are a couple of ways that sweating it out can turn her into putty.

It Shows Your Competitive Side

In the context of sports, sweating it out and taking part in a physical activity among other males demonstrates your physicality. This, along your will to win, are defintely turn-ons for her.

You're King of the Jungle

Sort of like how there's always an alpha in every male species. Doing strenuous activities and asserting yourself is definitely something that females find favorable.

She Knows You're Fit

In the animal kingdom the fitter, healthier specimens are more favorable among females for procreation and the continuation of genealogy. And that's just textbook biology. Bottom line: she wants a man who's fit.

It Shows Your Rugged Side

That you sweat and get a little dirty in the process makes you more attractive. We're not sure what happens here, but the perspired, disheveled look works (just not "jabar").

It Also Shows How You Clean Up

Though she loves the sweat, she also loves how you keep clean. Finishing a particularly taxing sweat session gives her a chance to enjoy how you are when you're bagong ligo. She loves that, too.

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