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5 Reasons To Love One Night Stan

We convince you why Stan is your man if you wanna be pogi even if you're not gwapo
by Stanley Chi | Mar 23, 2013
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Reasons to Love Stanley Chi One Night Stan

What do you do when FHM asks you to write your very own column? You don’t say no, that’s what. Unless you’re out of your mind. Or unbelievably stupid.

Everyday, there’s at least one antsy guy who wants a one night stand. But it’s not everyday that FHM, the number one men’s magazine in the Philippines, wants an antsy guy like me to write a column. So when they did ask me to, I was inclined to say yes and bend over, despite my instincts to keep them waiting for my “matamis na oo”.

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I guess I can’t stay suplado when it’s FHM that comes knocking.

I go by the moniker Stanley Chi (but if you’re a pretty girl, you can call me Stan). If you don’t know me, IGMG. But in a nutshell, I’m a host, stand-up comic, cartoonist, and author. I have also dreamed of adding “gigolo” to that list, but I can’t have everything, can I?

Anyway, you’re probably thinking, so what if I’m all that? Why on earth would FHM want me on board in the first place? Is it because I’m hot? Is it because I have superhuman powers? Is it because I have access to hopia 24 hours? Is it because I am responsible for the suplado phenomenon?

Or is it all of the above? It may very well be. But delusions of grandeur aside, I believe FHM sniffed me out because of five compelling reasons.

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REASON #1: I am every man’s man.

Who better than a regular joealbeit a suplado oneto teach you how to score chicks? It’s okay if you’re no Derek Ramsey or Vic Sotto; you can still be as MOMOLicious as you want – and I can prove it.


REASON #2: I’m the suplado guru.

In this day and age, being handsome just isn’t enough. And because FHM wants nothing but the best advice for their readers, they made sure the guy who wrote the Suplado Tips book series gets a biweekly column that features sound advice for the clueless and hopeless. For instance, being suplado (in contrast to being torpe) can help win you extra pogi points! If you don’t want to take my word for it, the video below of a testimonial from a pogi will prove my point.


NEXT: Not yet convinced? We're pretty sure the next few reasons will do the trick...

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