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5 Sex Positions to Try!

Five positions to try this Year of the Rabbit
by Ronjay Eduvas | Jan 25, 2011
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Now that we're well into 2011, how are those new year resolutions coming along? What new things have you tried this new year?

If answers to the aforementioned questions lean toward "no," a few possible reasons. Perhaps you're not trying hard enough. Maybe those changes are impossible to your present lifestyle. Or, fun is awol.

Speaking of fun, inject something new to your sex life with these 5 new positions. Trying something new will definitely put spice to what may have been stagnant sex. Display a bit of sensitivty and your lady love will most definitely appreciate your efforts.

Should these positions prove mighty difficulty, why, don't get frustrated! Think of it as an opportunity to laugh at yourselves, thereby strengthening your relationship with the missus. So whether or not you succeed, it's a win-win for you!

Convinced yet? What are you waiting for? Learn 'em, bro! And remember, stay protected.

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