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5 Signs Your Relationship Is Chill AF

#3: You're not the couple who makes everything awkward during barkada hangouts.
| Nov 11, 2015
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Finding a partner that you can be totally, completely comfortable with is not that easy. But give a relationship enough time, and you'll reach that stage.

But how can you tell when it finally has? Is it when she's able to fart in front of you? Or when she can pick her booger and bring it close to your face? Too much? Yup, that's gross.

So let's scratch those, and instead check these five things out that say that your relationship is chill AF!

1)   You're not embarrassed to hang out with each other in your

The oversized sweatshirts, ratty boxers, and straight-out-of-bed hair combo is not a big deal. Just make sure to hide those bacon briefs. (Actually, okay lang rin pala kahit hindi.)

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2)   You can spend weekends holed up in your apartment, simply enjoying each other's company.

With lots of hot sex, of course. Don't forget the hot sex.

3)   You're not the couple who makes everything awkward during
barkada hangouts by wearing your relationship problems on your face.

So when the gang gets together, you do your best not to make things awkward for everyone else. Playing it cool: 'ship #goals!

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4)   You laugh at each other's jokes.

Even if you two are the only ones who find it funny.

5)   When you guys talk about the future, especially when it comes to building a marriage and family, there's no pressure coming from either side.

You both know that in time, you'll eventually get there.

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