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6 Scientific Ways To Improve Your Valentine's Day

Use a little science to step up your game.
February 13, 2016

Our geekier brothers may not have the best reputation when it comes to romantic pursuits, but for Valentine’s Day, we recommend you take a page from their book and use a little science to step up your game.

Thanks to science, we’ve sent astronauts to the moon, discovered medical marvels, and invented the Internet, so there should be something in our textbooks that could objectively help us improve our performance as romancing rock stars. Here are our best bets:

1. Do a little astronomy
For a lot of ladies, there’s nothing more romantic than sharing sweet nothings under a clear night sky. For Valentine’s Day, wine and dine the missus somewhere with a clear view of the sky like Antipolo or Tagaytay, and point out stars, planets, and constellations while cuddling with her under the glow of the moon. She’ll be more kilig than a kolehiyala on prom night!

2. Eat aphrodisiacs
Science hasn’t really proven what is it exactly that makes these foods the stuff of sexy time, but there must be a reason why chocolates, strawberries, and oysters have been considered romantic must-haves for decades now. Definitely wouldn’t hurt to stock up on them for V-Day! Now, if only there’s a way to stop our waistlines from showing the evidence of our Valentine feasts...

3. Be extra daring
And no, we don’t just mean in bed. Science has proven that an adrenaline rush can translate to heightened sexual attraction, so a day hike at a nearby mountain or an afternoon at the shooting range could very well make for excellent V-Day dates.

4. Get red-dy
Men are very visual creatures, and we’re particularly drawn to the color red because it’s bright and vivid, making it the ultimate color for passion. It’s basically an aphrodisiac for your eyes—an aphrodisiac that only works when it’s worn by women. Still, it won’t hurt to buy your ladylove some little red things she could wear to your date.

5. Use pheromones
Pheromones are airborne molecules that can trigger reactions in creatures of the same species. While a pheromone that can trigger sexual attraction has yet to be discovered, you can fake it by spraying on some nakaka-poging perfume—women of all ages love men who smell good. 

6. Get some multivitamins
After a long day of treating your woman the way she’s always been meant to be treated, make sure you’ll still have enough energy to get intimate by taking the nutrients you need to stay on top of your game.

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