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7 Dating Rules For The Semi-Gwapo

Kudos for landing that first date. Now here's how you can make that second one happen...
by Pong Castillo | Mar 5, 2016
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The dating scene has drastically changed and challenged people in many ways. For one, people don't actually engage in face-to-face interaction anymore. Most things are filtered in the virtual world (killed your swipe tabs on Tinder yet?) even before they step things up to the next level (a.k.a. "Wanna hang?").

For the virtually bold and beautiful, it’s an advantage they exploit with every selfie, every Snapchat update, and heavily edited Instagram post. They obviously have the looks, which advance them to the next level because hey, they are attractive and their lives seem interesting enough.

But for the humble, semi-gwapo Juan, it pays to take that extra mile in meeting new people and hooking up with the girl of your dreams. LEVEL. UP. It’s one thing to score a first date with her, but the challenge lies in how you impress her enough to land a second date, and then a third, and so on... Now that’s where you might beat just about every guy—yes, even the full-fledged gwapings.

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Take to heart the items on this list and use them as added arsenal to your dating sleeve.

Don’t commute

Drive your car or at least take a ride-sharing vehicle (Uber or Grab) to stay fresh. It’s great if you have your own ride—a nice one at that. It’ll be an extension of who you are, and girls are keen on judging men by how they maintain their car. But taking a ride-sharing service shouldn’t do you bad either. Take it as a self-serving act. You wouldn’t want to release the inner gusgusin in you, would you? 

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Be on time

Or even earlier. But not one-hour-early early, you might come off as an eager beaver. A good 15-minute allowance will give you enough time to perk up before your date arrives. Plus, nobody likes to wait. This is the most basic way to set a good impression. 

Act normal

And by normal we mean, act and feel "handsome." Have that air of confidence from the first hello and handshake till the "Have a good night" closing remark. Avoid stuttering just because your dream date is finally happening. Give yourself some credit that you are equally valuable for the girl you asked out as she is to you. Make her feel that she’s dating a secure man. Remember: Confidence is key, and it is sexy. That goes for women, too.

Intentions: crystal clear

There is a world’s difference between leveling up from friends to lovers, and loving a girl but ending up as her best guy friend. The latter sucks balls, especially if you’ve become her confidante and shoulder to cry on for when things don’t go well between her and another guy. Remember to steer clear off the friendzone instead of pretending that taking the backseat in this ride called love is fine by you. Aww...

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Stay classy, not cocky

No, you don’t talk about how many girls you’ve dated. Or how much money you make. You talk about how you are with your friends and family. What kind of music and movies you are into. You talk about your hobbies and what sporting events and teams you’ve followed through the years. You let your lifestyle do the talking for you, and not the other way around.

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Pull out the funnyman card, stat!

If all else fails, this is your SOS button. Trust us, it never fails.

Keep your hands to yourself least till she permits you to. You know what’s worse than being branded a dating noob? Being called a thirsty dating noob. You’re out for a date, and not to get laid. Well, that would be a bonus, but for now…

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Go on more dates

Bear in mind that it won’t always work out for you. In fact, there will be more times that it won’t than it will, and that won’t mean you suck at life or luck dodges you for being just semi-gwapo. It just works that way, and that’s perfectly fine. For now, enjoy dating around, and be good while you're at it.


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