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7 Ridiculously Hot Holiday Hookup Stories To Help You End The Year With A Bang

Hoe, hoe, hoe!
by Chandra Pepino | Dec 31, 2017
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We don’t have winter around these parts, so it should follow that more people are in heat during the holiday season—and they’re looking to do something to, uh, “stay warm.” But there’s a difference between sharing an innocent New Year’s kiss and straight-up lampungan. Our conclusion after having gathered your stories: Y’all are wild. (But we’re into it.)

The second cousin

“Okay, so we all have that distant cousin we secretly have a crush on, right? I have this second cousin who’s super hot and is in law school. He’s just my type. We were talking at a family reunion and he casually mentioned that he only dates curvy girls. I happened to be one, but I don’t know if he meant anything by what he said...until a few hours later, when we went to the bathroom to very briefly make out. I felt too guilty to do anything more than that. That was in 2013, and I haven’t seen him since.” — Aika, 22

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The noche...blowjob

“My boyfriend was coming home from the States for Christmas, so we made plans to see each other right away. I had booked a hotel room for us to stay in over the weekend, but on the car ride on the way there, he couldn’t wait. He pulled up at some random parking lot and asked me to suck him off right there. We had to keep the engine off to avoid getting caught, so it was literally hot and heavy in there!” — Maria, 21

The cast party MOMOL

“I’m part of a big theater org, and every year we have a Christmas party before the break begins. This year’s was pretty crazy. Everyone decided to dress up as their favorite villain. I had this one guy friend whose costume involved face paint. When I woke up with a hangover the morning after the party, I noticed that my nose and mouth were covered in black paint. I believe I know how it got there…” — KC, 23

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The year-end romance

“This season is the perfect time to strike up a conversation with your crush, under the guise of greeting them happy holidays. A few years ago, I did just that with my Physics classmate. One message led to another, and we ended up confessing our mutual feelings. Her family lived outside of the Philippines, so I invited her to spend New Year’s Eve with me. Let’s just say I ended that year with a bang.” — Tristan, 24

The French adventure

“I tried to fly back to Iloilo on the 24th of December, the absolute worst day to be at the airport. Unsurprisingly, my flight was delayed. There was this French guy sitting next to me at the boarding area, and we had been making weird eye contact for a few minutes. I found out he was headed to Iloilo, too, so we met up there a few days later. The sex was really, astoundingly bad. He kept trying to stick his finger up my ass even though I said I wasn’t into that stuff. But at least he had a great sense of humor.” — Melissa, 24

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The basement BJ

“It was my first time to spend New Year’s Eve with my girlfriend’s family in Tarlac. Her parents are in their late 60s, so they were upstairs and asleep by 10 PM. My girlfriend took me by the hand, led me to the basement (which they repurposed into a comfortable den), and we had sex in the guest bedroom down there. I was paranoid the entire time, but wow, what a rush.” — Rucha, 26

The lonely hearts club

“My girlfriend and I broke up in November (the day after my birthday, no less), so I was pretty bummed when I went home to Cebu for Christmas. As it turns out, my childhood friend and neighbor was newly single, too. I distinctly remember the hand jobs she gave me in the hammock of our backyard. Still the best hand jobs I’ve ever had. We exchanged Christmas gifts, too, so that was nice.” — Toby, 25

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