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8 Signs Your Girlfriend Is Cheating On You, According To Women

Be observant of how she navigates the relationship
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Apr 10, 2017
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Do you suspect that your partner is cheating on you? This is probably your gut feeling talking to you and it’s important to pay attention.

Luckily, there are ways to find out if she’s messing around. You probably know the obvious signs of cheating, like smelling another man’s perfume on her body, or times when she's out late at night and you have no idea where she is. But in order to really identify a cheater, we asked some women to share with us behaviors that can clue you in on her fidelity. These don't guarantee that she's sneaking around behind your back, but these are warning signs that might lead to your relationship's demise.

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Check ‘em out below:

“The mention of a new ‘friend’ is usually the first warning sign. After then, they start talking more and more about the new ‘friend.'  Soon you two are having fights. At this point, she will go to the ‘friend’ for consolation. You know what happens next!” —Sidney, 23

“She starts texting more and more privately when you’re together and seems to be in a better mood after checking her phone. It is never out of within arms reach and it is religiously turned faced down so you can’t see if a message notification has popped up. She also carries it around religiously.” —KC, 26

“She wants you to sacrifice your time for her, but she is completely unwilling to sacrifice hers for you. She has lots more things to do in the evenings or weekends which means she can’t see you.” —Lorraine, 24


“She tells you that she doesn’t think you’re compatible anymore. She tells you that she loves you very much, but it isn’t working.” —Shara, 30

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“Sometimes she’ll withdraw from you—no more sex, no more intimacy. Kisses aren’t as passionate as they were before. When you kiss, you literally just feel lips touching each other with zero emotion.”—Lisa, 28

“She doesn’t trust you. She acts like you are doing something wrong. She accuses you of cheating. She is only suspicious because she is doing something wrong.” —Kaye, 21

“When she locks her phone with some 10-string password and suddenly keeps you from touching it. It always starts with the communication lines.” —Nikka, 25

“When your partner goes out of her way to find her and your differences. It’s subtle, but I think it happens when people are trying to justify going out with someone else. She tries to find as many differences between you two to make it seem like it’s not a good fit.” —Aisa, 29

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