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8 FHM Babes Whose Names You May Be Pronouncing Wrong

Why can't all their names be as simple to pronounce as Marian Rivera or LJ Reyes?
by Mikey Agulto | Jun 20, 2014
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So our colleagues from recently published a story about the 17 most commonly mispronounced automotive brands in the world, which we thought was really useful. This got us thinking: Wait a minute; we have the same problem with some of our models, too!

We don't mean to complain, but why can't all their names be as simple to pronounce as Marian Rivera, or LJ Reyes, or Jeri Lee? But if you think about it, it's not their fault we don't know how to pronounce their names right. Besides, that's what makes them stand out.

So what do you think, FHM Nation? Should we put an end to all the confusion once and for all? Read on to see our list of the most commonly mispronounced babe names!

Empress Schuck

Her German surname was so hard to pronounce that Empress decided to drop it altogether when she re-emerged as a mature actress not too long ago. Remember: Schuck sounds like shook, and not shack. Are we clear on that?


Soleil Bonnin

Her name would have been a big hit among Pinoys if only we could speak and understand French perfectly. Soleil, which means "sun" in French, is actually pronounced so-LEY. Now that you know what it means, don't you just want to name your next baby that?


Riza Santos

Just to be clear: If Ryzza Mae Dizon and Ryza Cenon's respective first names are both pronounced RAI-zah, does that mean Riza's name should be pronounced as REE-zah? Yep, that's right. Know the difference, okay?

Riza Santos

Cyen Lazam

Much has been said about the pronunciation of her first name, so we're going to save you some time: Cyen is pronounced sai-YEN, not SEH-yen or sai-YAN. How are you supposed to catch her fancy at the next car show if you can't even say her name right?

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Cyen Lazam

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