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Real Women Explain What They Will Never Understand About Men

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Jun 20, 2017
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There are a lot of things that men don’t get about the opposite sex, like why they take forever in the shower and the fact that “huwag ka na mag text” doesn’t actually mean “stop texting me.” And there are just as many things that women can hardly understand about men, like why they fart in bed and why some of them are still such mama’s boys even if they’re freakin’ adults. These are the mysteries of the universe.

“Women have a different biological and emotional makeup compared to men. Unlike a man’s brain, which is compartmentalized, women might feel the need to communicate things in a different manner,” explains Dr. Maria Lourdes Ramos-Laydia, PhD, a registered clinical psychometrician and psychologist from Lucena City. Despite our many similarities, these differences often still create unanswerable questions that are sometimes capable of creating a bigger divide. In order to enlighten you bros about some of your enigmatic actions and behaviors that still plague women today, we decided to ask real women what bothers them the most. Maybe if you’re made aware of the unexplainable things you do, you’ll take the time to ruminate then explain yourself to your own partner in the future. 

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Here are their answers. FYI, most of these are pretty hilarious!

“How is it comfortable to wear brief, boxer shorts, and jeans on top? That just seems like too much fabric down there. And wouldn’t it feel so hot?” —Regina,30

“I want to know how the fuck you guys take your shirt off by pulling it over your head from behind. How? I tried it several times and only cracked my arms.” —Joy,22

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“Why does it take 45 minutes to almost over an hour for you guys to poop? Is there some kind of web conference going on that I’m not aware of? And do your balls hurt when you’re sitting down? Are they squished?” —Shara,24


“I don’t understand how men can hang out together all the time and have no substantial conversations. My boyfriend can watch basketball with a friend for several hours and basically say nothing. How does that happen?” —Tin,29

“Why do guys always say ‘no homo’ with their pals? I think it’s okay to call your bro or other guys attractive.” —Jane,28

“I have friends at work that always say ‘it’s guy code, you girls won’t understand what it is.’ And they go on by explaining that it’s just like girl code, but we don’t have girl code. So what the hell is a guy code?” —Nikka,26

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“I always accompany my boyfriend when he has drinking session with his friends. I’ve noticed that they talk and laugh over and over at the same topic every time they meet-up. For example, they recalled when they were in high school, they showed off each other’s dick and their fattest friend couldn’t see his penis. They bring up this topic every time they see each other. I just don’t get why they still find it funny when they’ve heard this story countless times before.” —Celine,25

“Why do guys scratch their balls all the time? Or adjust your junk so much and don’t even attempt to hide it? Are you trying to seduce us?” —Aira,23

“How they can feel comfortable all day with a hanging appendage between their legs. And where exactly their penis is in their jeans. Is it like off to the side on one leg?” —Kim,27

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