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8 Ways for a Really Happy Holidays

<p>Find out how you can combat the holiday blues</p>
| Nov 27, 2009
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There's plenty to cheer about the Holidays: nightly parties, boozefest reunions. gifts, and the padding of your bank account with the bonus you are legally bound to receive. [firstpara] But, ever notice the fine line of sadness— the blues, basically—that hits you come the holidays? Well mates, it's a fact of that that this time of year, there are people who get bogged down by the festivities that this season brings.

Experts call it the Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD for short. One common reason to be SAD about is the lack of sunlight we get this season—sun's down by 5pm, night comes in early, right?

And then there is also the pressure that the holidays bring: shopping for gifts, the pressure to be cheery and happy and shiz. And of course, there is also the loneliness brought about by loved ones—either remembering those who passed away, longing for family in a far-off land, or the lack of a special someone to celebrate the holidays with.

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Fortunately, there are things you can do to combat this SADness. Below are the 8 pick-uppers to beat the blues away

1. Get as much sun as you can. SAD is mainly attributed to less sunlight we get in these times. The remedy is obvious: get more milegae in the sun. At the very least, soak up on sunbeam for 20 minutes, preferably in the morning. That means, waking up early with a productive day in mind. While you're at it...

2. Run. You can put your early wake-up call to good use by logging in some mileage before sunrise. You can also take your runs a notch higher by taking it outdoors, or putting in some challenge like running up and down steps.

Stress relief is heightened by the risk factors. British researchers even say that people who exercise outdoors, with an average of 17 minutes a day, are less depressed by 71 percent than those who exercise indoors with the same intensity pegged at 45 percent.

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3. Don't over-drink and over-spend. Other popular counter-measures for depression are alcohol and shopping. There are no other times where you'll be most tempted to do both than the holidays. Here's where common sense and science agrees: Drinking and shopping aren't considered therapeutic—especially if done in excess.  

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