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9 Things You Shouldn't Say To Single Moms

'Who's the father? Are you two on good terms?'
by Cheekie Albay for | Apr 11, 2016
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While having a light banter with a friend who’s a single mom, you casually touch the subject of her kid. She rolls her eyes and the playful mood disappears and you’re suddenly left wondering what you might’ve said to solicit such a reaction.

If you don't want to kill her vibe, and turn your friendship into something more romantic, we list down the things you must not tell her:

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1) “How do you do it?”
They hear this all the time, and they know you mean well by it, but the long and short of it is...they just suck it up and do it. They don’t feel like heroes as they do their juggling act as single mom/career woman/driver/handyman.

2) “Who's the father? Are you two on good terms?”
They know people are just curious or concerned when they ask questions pertaining to the baby daddy, but they hope you catch on easily that if they’re not sharing much, that means it’s none of your business.

3) "You're so strong."
This would be a compliment if it didn’t come with a pitying look. Next time you say this line to a single mom, say it with a smile or a cheer; she might appreciate it more.


4) "Why are you still single?"
Finding a great match is hard enough when she's single and childless; try throwing a three-year-old and the demands that come with one in the mix. And single moms are no longer just looking for a fun guy to throw back a few shots with; they want someone dependable, responsible, patient, and understanding who won’t run the other way when they bring up the child conversation.

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5) "You should spend less time working and spend more time with your kid."
They would love to just stay home and have a Disney movie marathon with their kids, but who would earn for their little family if they won't work their asses off every day?

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