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9 Things Men Who Are Dating A ‘Kilay Is Life’ Gal Can Relate To

You know punctuality and eyebrows on fleek don’t go hand in hand
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Apr 24, 2017
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Some girls don’t care about their eyebrows. They only give them attention during special occasions. But then there are those who are obsessed with their brows to the point that “kilay is life” has become a personal mantra. They will spend hours watching YouTube tutorial videos to get the perfect brows. Anyone who has been in a romantic relationship with this kind of woman knows this is true.  

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Scroll through to get the deep dive on even more relatable scenarios:

She’s normally late

You know punctuality and eyebrows on fleek don’t go hand in hand. She’d rather make you wait for an hour rather than step out the door kilay-less.

Mall dates include threading session

You won’t be seeing a movie or eating in your favorite restaurant unless her bushy eyebrows have been trimmed. There’s no waiting outside the salon—you need to stay with her in the queuing area. And when it’s finally her turn, you get those weird, judgmental stares from the other girls. Damn!

...and shopping for eyebrow kit

She’ll drag you to makeup counters at the mall. It scares the hell out of you when she asks for your opinion on eyebrow pencils and shaping tools.

Never, ever interrupt when she’s doing her brows

And never ask when she will be ready when she’s mid-makeup application. It will ruin her focus (and will unleash her inner three-headed monster).

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Telling her “I love you even when you’re not doing your brows” isn’t actually sweet

Odds are she isn’t doing her brows for you so telling her she looks okay without it will only end badly for you. You know what they say: it’s for art’s sake.

If you don’t inform her of an eyebrow mishap, she’s going to have trust issues

If she’s got smudged eyebrows, let her know ASAP. Don’t wait for her to see it herself. She’ll be totally pissed and think you’re making fun of her.

If she’s watching tutorials, don’t expect to hear from her for a few hours

You don’thave to worry a bit when she’s not replying to your text messages or picking up your phone calls. You know she’s just busy watching eyebrow tutorials on YouTube.

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She tries to groom your eyebrows

She has attempted to pluck your brows a lot of times. She’ll tell you they are thick and ugly, and will constantly convince you to let her remedy the unsightly situation. You’ve got into a few fights just because of this.  

Eyebrow kit > Chocolates

Gifting them eyebrow kit is the key to their hearts. (And it will get you further than chocolates or flowers.)

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