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6 Women Get Brutally Honest About Rejection And Why They Want To Be ‘Just Friends’

It’s not always as simple as a lack of attraction
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Mar 15, 2017
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You’ve probably heard the heartbreaking “let’s just be friends” line before. And it probably left you wondering why she just won't straight up say that she doesn't like you instead of sugarcoating her words. 

We know most of you are still dumbfounded by this common scenario, and are interested to find out why some women use the friendship card as a scapegoat for rejection. So we summoned the courage to ask seven women of different ages to share why they sometimes just want to be friends with a man who wants more than that. Truth be told, there’s nothing wrong with keeping a friendship in lieu of romance if both parties are willing to keep it that way. Just don't blame us when things start to get a bit sticky and complicated.  

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“I decided to stay friends with someone I am not attracted to kasi may silbi siya sa akin. I can still remember that guy I dumped years ago, but he insisted that he was willing to wait. He was very patient in driving me to the office and bringing me home after work every single day. Sometimes, he’d even buy me baon. How could I let go of that kind of guy?”—Nikka,27

“It's simple. I don’t have any feelings for him, but he is nice. It’s a huge challenge for me to tell the truth. So rather than break his heart, I still go out with him on friendly dates.”—Celine,26

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“It wasn’t a conscious choice. He just wasn’t a romantic option even though I cared for him deeply as a friend. I knew that certain things about us that were fine as friends would be a disaster as a couple.”—Charlotte,29


“Because he spends a lot of time with the woman without showing his sexual interest in her. In other words, he constantly hangs out with her, but doesn’t ask her out. When that goes on and on, eventually, the girl gets used to you being around her in a non-sexual way. You’ve got to level up your dating game!”—Abigail,27

“If he is missing a trait that I want in a guy, his ass stays in the friend zone.”—Andrea,23

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“The only one to blame for the guy in the friend zone is the guy himself. Either because he has no balls to make a move or he has an unrealistic mindset that he can eventually wear her down after being rejected. If you are attracted to a woman you ask her out. Don’t sit around and try to get to know her for weeks to make her like you. If she says she just wants to be friends, you tell her you aren’t interested in friendship but she can call you if she changes her mind.”—KC,23

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