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REAL TALK: 9 Women Reveal What It's Like To Touch A Penis For The First Time

Some of the gals were amazed at how hard it could get
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Sep 28, 2016
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Just a few days ago, the ladies behind Cosmopolitan released an article, "13 Men Reveal Their Thoughts The First Time They Came In Contact With A Vagina." The descriptions—from "surprisingly hot" to "felt like heaven"—were really interesting and funny. Now, that got us asking: what women could be thinking after touching a man's private area for the first time?

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This brings us to the latest edition of Real Talk. We reached out to nine real women aged 20 to 30 and quizzed them about just that. Some said it scared the hell out of them while others were surprised how hard it could get.

See their detailed responses below:

"My baby brother's was the first penis I've ever seen my entire life. So when my husband showed me his manhood, I was really surprised how huge it could get. I was really worried because it might hit my organs and hurt incredibly bad. Ha ha! I wanted to throw up so bad."—Lovely, 29

"I thought it's firm, poised, and scary. I was expecting it to be softer looking, with a swirl in the middle, something like a bread roll."—Girly, 20

"I was high school when I first saw one. My then boyfriend wanted me to give him a hand job. When he put it out, I really thought he was keeping Holiday's chicken hotdog inside his brief because it literally looked like it."—Charmaine, 23

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"I was so terrified when I saw one in real life. It looked like nothing the graphic pictures in my textbook."—Casey, 22

"It looks like a cucumber with only a darker shade. I remember I tried to slap it because I was curious if it would go back to its original. It did. Incredible!"—Chai, 26

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"I was pretty horrified the first time I saw a penis considering I was just walking, heading to the office, when someone asked directions then suddenly had his dick in his hand."—Kimberly, 24

"It wasn't the sight of a hard penis that surprised me, but the feel. Such soft skin, and yet hard like a muscle."—Bianca, 21

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"I was really surprised about how soft and hard it could get in no time. My partner can even make it move, and like wave to me. Definitely amazing!"—Shara, 30

"'Holy shit, why is it big? Where am I going to put that?' basically covers it. I was 17 back then. I had felt it before, like over his pants, but still I was really surprised at how big it was." —Nath, 25


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