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Will You Be Turned On By This Throwback Cybersex Tutorial?

If slow speeds and '90s graphics are your thing...
by John Paulo Aguilera | Feb 2, 2016
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We're in an age where everything can be found and learned on the Internet. Well, sort of.

How to change a flat tire, wedding proposal ideas, even your mom's most obscure recipes—they're all Google-able now (if that's even a word. Hey, let's Google it!).

But ever wondered how it was like when the information highway was still in its infancy?

If you're thinking awkward instructional videos—aside from the slow speeds and shitty graphics—then you are most certainly right.


Like this Internet gem we've unearthed recently. What was an honest attempt at a cybersex tutorial video ended up as something that is worthy of both a laugh and a cringe. This also confirmed that the '90s was really a weird yet interesting decade.

Try to be turned on by this rather ambitious video:

Her dry narration and that unexpected (wardrobe) transition from the 0:43 to the 0:57 mark pretty much sum up how terrible (by today's standards) and funny the clip was.

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Still, nice try!

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