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The Semi-Pogi Guy's Guide To Taking A Good Tinder Profile Picture

The kind that you will overuse and girls will swipe right to in a hurry
by James Wong | Jul 2, 2018
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Have you ever taken a selfie that has been just SO good. So good in fact that since you took it three years ago, you haven’t been able to take a better one, and as a result have had the same profile image for the last three years. How about if we told you there are many ways to get the perfect selfie, the kind that you will overuse and girls will swipe right to in a hurry. Excited? You bet you are. Here are 10 ways to getting better and more photogenic shots of yourself.

1) Stand in front of windows

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Windows supply natural light, and if it’s sunset—which photographers call the ‘magic hour’—then you’ve hit the jackpot. There are windows just about everywhere; hotel rooms, apartments and cultural icons. Find one with a photo enhancing light and step right up.

2) Try unusual angles

Come on now, a standing selfie of you flicking the peace sign in front of a landmark is hardly going to break the internet when you’re on vacation. Try and showcase things from new angles, for example from way down below. You’ll show fans both buildings and yourself from a new perspective and it just makes holiday photos a little less generic.

3) Get a symmetric face

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People are naturally drawn to symmetrical faces, so covering yours up with sunglasses means you get an immediate face reshape and therefore automatically more attractive and take a better selfie. It’s the oldest trick in the book.

4) Angle and tense

Got a great bod and mirror selfies are more your thing? Sure. Show off your hard work at the gym and tense for your life. Twist your body so that your waist looks smaller and shoulders bigger, and remember to keep it casual looking. So mess up your hair and bed as if you just got out and didn’t spend the last 30 minutes prepping with sit ups, checking yourself out, and adjusting your positioning.

5) Get an animal prop

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Somehow cute dogs and cats make anyone look up to ten times better in photos. Perch kitty on your shoulder and snap away, just be careful she doesn’t scratch your eyes out, and if she does, swap her for a plush.


6) Take the super strong light

When the sun is shining hard, take a brave step towards it. The extreme light will airbrush out just about anything, so your strong jaw line and piercing eyes do the talking. It’s a step towards sexy, and sexy is always good when it comes to social media.

7) The back of your head is still a selfie

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Having a bad face day? Don’t risk a bad selfie. Set your tripod up and timer away! Bonus points if a) you’re in an exotic location and b) have a funky cap, like Kobe Paras'.

8) Go abstract

Try the abstract route and cover half of your face; you’ll get a cheeky selfie that will leave followers wanting more. Alternatively, experiment with the crop function on your app.

9) Don’t try too hard

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Have fun with your expressions. Keep it natural otherwise you’re overdoing it and look like a wannabe.

10) Finally, know your best angle

You might not be a seasoned selfie taker, but play around one day with all your angles and figure out what works best for you. Are you better looking on your left profile? Then turn your head to the right each time the camera comes your way. Maybe you look better with the camera looking up at you, so tilt your head back. The best angle is different for everybody.

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