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A Troubleshooting Guide To Sex
She's not into the deed anymore? We give you the quick fix to that...
by Ronjay Eduvas | Jan 14, 2013
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We all have sex problems: she has become frigid/she has become a nympho; she can't satisfy me/I can't satisfy her; she screams a lot/she won't talk dirty, etc. The first step to solving any jiggy-related dilemma is to accept whatever shortcomings you/she has. Remember that you fancy this person—or maybe even love her—and you'd do anything to make her/yourself better in the sack. 

Now, whether she's acting too cold or performing way beyond your capacity as a human being, find out what's going on with your honey with our easy-to-use guide to solving sex problems. May a  better sex life be with you!


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