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The 10 Rules For A Boys' Night Out (According To A Woman Who's Had Enough)

A strict set of conditions for the guy who’s planning a get-together with the pals
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Oct 19, 2015

Facebook user Kongkeng Biglete (who works at “I don’t work, I’m a princess”) posted a 10-item list of commandments for guys planning an all-boys gimik. Uploaded on her page last October 7, the post has since received 3,927 likes, 14,610 shares and 426 comments as of this writing.

The popularity is easy to understand. We live in the era of #hugot, and her post has a ton of it. The first item alone (“1. WAG BIGLAAN”) features the hard-hitting line “Kapag binigla mo ‘ko, hindi kita papayagan. And kapag nag pumilit ka, asahan mo…susulpot na lang ako sa bar na pupuntahan niyo. UUWI TAYO.” Can you say "scary"? Biglete’s shifting tone from sweet to fearsome can make any guy shiver in fear.

Here’s the full list:


To her boyfriend: SALUTE!

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