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13 Women Confess What It's Like To Have An Affair

Because it's not just the weather lately
by Chandra Pepino | May 20, 2018
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So, sex. You know the activity. The kind involving the bump ‘n’ grind, the birds and the bees. There’s sex, and then there’s sex. The kind where you forget your own name for a minute and can’t even feel your feet, you’re in so much ecstasy. If exchanging sexcapades with friends is salacious and exciting enough already, here are 13 tales from women who clearly aren’t bothered by the already scorching 40-degree weather...or the fact that they’re already attached.

“When I was in college, I had only ever been with one guy—my longtime boyfriend of over a year. But when I joined a school theater production, I was paired up with a castmate who was 12 years older than me (I was 18, he was 30). I had the biggest crush on him, and evidently, so did he. One night I told my boyfriend that rehearsals extended till midnight so my crush could take me home. Is guilty sex supposed to be that hot?” —Bettina, 23

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“I had a brief stint at a BPO when money was tight. In our account, we had some American coworkers who handled CSR calls along with us. Eventually I noticed that this one guy, Ben*, would keep looking at me from his cubicle. I worked up the courage to ask him out, and then while we were dancing the night away at a club, we locked lips. It was the hottest, longest makeout session I’d ever been in...and I enjoyed the fact that people were looking. We never even had sex (I was too guilty to take it that far), but I use that memory once in a while when I touch myself.” —Kim, 25

“My boyfriend had just left for Boston to pursue postgrad studies, and this put a major strain on our relationship. Who did his best to comfort me? In typical teleserye fashion, it was his best friend...who by the way, was in a relationship with my college blockmate. He and I would pretend that we were just running errands together, when actually we’d be holed up in his condo having sex all afternoon. Eventually my boyfriend broke up with me because he cheated on me in the States, too. LOL. An eye for an eye, I guess.” —Gabby, 19

“It was only during the morning after of a one-night stand that I found out the guy sleeping next to me was actually married. How’d I find out, you asked? His 5-year-old daughter started knocking on the door asking for breakfast.” —Chloe, 25

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“This was back in high school: my boyfriend had just broken up with me because he realized he was gay (which I totally respected, but I was still heartbroken). A classmate of mine, whom I had always found attractive, swooped in to comfort me, and before I knew it, I shared my very first kiss with him. It was  small school so the news broke like wildfire. But in fairness, we stayed together for a solid year after that.” —Hazel, 22

“This French guy I met in Makati was a known architect—he had helped design this ultra famous structure in Qatar (google the Vagina Stadium). Things began to heat up, and right at the moment before he entered me, he breathlessly confessed that he had a girlfriend. I was already too horny to care. He was...very intense. It’s true what they say about French guys!” —Diane, 24


“When I was maybe 18 years old, my parents put me in a review class to study for the UP and Ateneo entrance exams. The guy who topped the class diagnostic tests had a very pretty girlfriend, but that didn’t stop me from, um, shooting my shot. To my delight, he responded to my flirting. All we ever did was a guilty makeout session in the review center’s fire exit before he realized he was being irresponsible. But that kiss was so hot precisely because it wasn’t allowed.” —Keisha, 25

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“I met a Japanese guy on SeekingArrangement, that popular sugar daddy site. He was an engineer who had been living in Manila for two years. The affair had been going on for about six months when I happened to chance upon his unlocked phone. As it turns out, he was seeing (and providing allowances for!) not one, not two, but three other Filipina women. Damn! I felt terrible after that.” —Chrissy, 25

“This was in 2016, and I had been single for two years. I was desperate for some action, pathetic as that sounds. One night, my longtime best friend and were chilling at my apartment, and he joked that if we were both single at 30, we’d just marry one another. Suddenly I saw him in a whole new light. That night, we had some strange, awkward, funny sex, mostly because we couldn’t believe what was happening. The very next day, we realized it was a mistake and just moved on like it never happened. He’s still with his girlfriend.” —Cath, 23

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“This didn’t happen to me, but my friend slept with her landlord’s son. They encountered each other on the hallway a lot because the son was assigned to collect people’s rent and utility payments. The worst part? My friend is 24 with a boyfriend, and the guy was still a few months shy of turning 18...” —Janine, 24

“I developed a very bad habit of calling my cute male officemates ‘babe.’ Some of them even called me ‘babe’ back. It was a joke, of course, but I couldn’t deny that I found them attractive. One guy in particular (let’s call him Chad) asked me to come over to his place, where we would cuddle, hold hands, make out...anything and everything but actual intercourse. It was my terrible way of exploring something risky without feeling too guilty.” —Rebecca, 25

“There was a rumor floating around my law school that a ‘blue book’ was being passed around containing a list of codenames for students who were game to have sex. Apparently it also indicated whether the person was into women or men (or both), and their preferred schedule for hookups (because you’re much more likely to sync schedules with a fellow law student rather than an SO from the outside). I never saw or confirmed its existence, but can you imagine going through a catalog of horny law school students just wanting to get it on?” —Nat, 24

“This isn’t exactly cheating. But because my boyfriend and I are in a long distance relationship, we agreed that we could see (and have sex with) other people. Sometimes we exchange ‘wrong send’ messages to one another, pretending that we had just caught the other person cheating. And that would fuel our sexy Skype sessions. We did what we could to keep the relationship alive. Haha!” —Katrin, 26

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