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DR. MANOY: Will Your Penis Smell When You Stick It Up Her Asshole?

Everything you were too shy to ask about your penis, now has an answer!
by Khyne Palumar | Feb 10, 2015
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The thing about non-pornographic, real-life penis problems is, your manoy has issues that are either too embarrassing, gay, and/or weird to talk amongst your bros (Is tulo supposed to look this way?). Or too malayo sa bituka (Will my penis stink if we do anal?) to consult with a urologist or proper penis doctor.

The good news is, now you have FHM's Dr. Manoy: We take the weird and embarrassing and we nitpick your patotoy problem, throw in some science, and get these dirty questions answered without passing sarcasm or judgment—hey, all men have manoys (except those who don’t/were castrated, sorry).

Shoot us an email at Dr.ManoyFHM@gmail.com for concerns surrounding your manhood, and we’ll get back to you with solid, science-y, and manly answers.

Now, let’s kick things off with Question No. 1!

QUESTION: "My new girlfriend is down with all sorts of kinky, but I’m not used to coming from the backdoor. Babaho ba yung titi ko pag nakipag-anal sex?"
- Jay Jay R, via email

ANSWER: Basically, your penis will smell the way your finger will smell if you stick it up the hole in your pwet. Or her pwet. Sexperts who are pro-hygiene will advise washing before and after any form of human-hole penetration (anuses included).

But there are bigger things to worry about...


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An un-protected titi is already vulnerable enough as it is inside more than one woman’s acidic (acid can kill forms/but not all types of bacteria) vagina. In the non-acidic environment of a woman’s butthole, your penis is even more vulnerable to the same host of sexually transmitted diseases/infections—and more (see: bad news #2).

"More than the smell of the penis, I think the bigger thing to worry about is the risk of infections, and STDs. If you’re asking what sort of STD, all of them,” says Urologist Dr. Jo Ben Chua. He tough loves it up, and says, “except that with anal, mas madumi because of bacteria in the feces.”

Dr. Chua says between your bayag and the tip of your penis, all sorts of infections and diseases can come up, from Hepatitis B (a sexually-transmitted disease you can get from an asshole) and herpes (sore blisters, to warts; which can grow inside and around assholes). All of them, as your girlfriend will say, can make hawa on contact.

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Anti-STD vaccines exist for men. “Vaccines exist for HPV and Hepa B. but HPV vaccines work best in pre-adolescents and early 20s, not so much for men in their 30s and 40s. So far yun pa lang ang vaccines for men.”

Condoms for her butt helps, too. “When you wear a condom, the risk of bacterial infection decreases,” Dr. Chua says. But be warned: “Most diseases are transferred in the base of the penis and the scrotum (bayag sack)—which is exposed and uncovered by condoms. So if there are warts—the scrotum can get warts.” Of course some protection is better than no protection. “There’s a significant chance of decreasing infections especially in the shaft and penis head.”


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“You’re prone to Urinary Tract Infection because the urethra—or the urine's passagewayis in the head of the penis. And when it’s exposed to bacteria in the feces in the anus, the urinary tract can get infected,” Dr. Chua says. To compare parts with your girl: “This is the same reason yung mga babae madalas magkaroon ng UTI. Because the vagina is very near the anus—near lang, if you’re putting it into the anus directly, then you understand what I’m talking about.”


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Gloves are anti-UTI, too. “So far vaccines and condoms lang ang pinaka-protection ng penises. Condoms are the most physical form of protection, na immediate. And it works in decreasing risk for UTI because it covers the penile urethra. We don’t have anti-UTI vaccines, and antibiotics are prescribed when you contract the disease already, so in terms of prevention as opposed to cure, condoms are it.” Heard that, loverboys? CONDOMS ARE IT!

Or stick to a single anus at a time. “I can’t vouch for anal sex, pero on the whole, having a single partner is what we advise, when condoms fail.  Kasi the more promiscuous, the higher chances of infections.