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And The Most Dangerous Sex Position Of The Year Goes To…

Take a wild guess
by Khatrina Bonagua | Sep 11, 2017
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In a recent study done by International Journal of Impotence Research, the most dangerous sex position for men (for this year) has been discovered. And the winner is: the Doggy Style.

For the study, the researchers interviewed 90 men (ages 18 to 66) who suffered from penile fracture. They assessed how each of them got the injury, and found out these reasons: 1) masturbation or penile manipulation; 2) ‘man-on-top’ position; 3) ‘doggy style’ position; 4) ‘woman-on-top’ position; 5) blunt trauma; and 6) ‘rolling over’ fracture. Among these causes, it was the ‘doggy style’ position that was the most common, with 37 cases or 41 per cent of men being rushed to the emergency room with a broken penis because of it.

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“In this position, the man exerts a lot of power into his thrusts, which can take a wrong turn if he is not diligent,” the researchers said. Aside from being the most common reason, this sex position has also the most severe penile fracture recorded compared to others. 

So if you’ve experienced the following symptoms while having sex—an audible crack, detumescence (subsiding erection), and pain—better head to the emergency room before the fracture gets worse.

“In rare cases, the pain or the sound doesn't completely indicate a penile injury. Nevertheless, it’s best to go see the doctor if you suspect an injury,” the study suggests.


The good news is that a broken dong doesn’t mean your sex life is completely over. According to the study, the best treatment is immediate surgical repair of your penis’ tissues—in fact, more than 90 per cent of patients say they had a perfectly normal sex life after undergoing this treatment.

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“A number of procedures may be required to determine the extent of the injury. Once the presence of a fracture is confirmed, surgical repair of the fracture is performed,” says Dr. Patrick H. Tuliao of the Philippine Urological Association.

“Any delay in seeking help and diagnosis increases the likelihood of complications,” the doctor warns.

Last year, it was the 'woman-on-top' position that experts hailed as the most dangerous sex position. The 'doggy-style' only came in second. Both positions, though, had caused thousand of fractured penises all over the world. 

Moral of the story: Whatever position it may be, it’s best to handle your precious manhood with care (and lots of lube!).

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