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About Last Weekend: Animals Will Do Anything For Love

Cheating penguins and a thirsty sloth are living proof that Cupid hits hard
by John Paulo Aguilera | Nov 7, 2016
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Over the weekend, the Internet blew up after the Twitter account of National Geographic Channel shared a snippet of a couple of quarreling penguins.

What initially looked like a typical territorial tiff between two flightless birds turns out to be something deeper: a rage-filled rumble out of romance.

Apparently, adultery seems prevalent in the animal kingdom, and that humans aren't the only beings prone to cheating. And just like every sad tale of infidelity portrayed in mainstream media, things are ought to get ugly in the end.

The clip's caption is straight out of a newspaper:

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Not to sound pessimistic, but if penguins can fall out of one another, how sure can we be we with our current partners?


At least this next creature isn't giving up on love just yet...

As part of the nature documentary series Planet Earth II, BBC Earth uploaded a heartfelt teaser starring a pygmy three-toed sloth, mammals that are usually associated with being lazy.

The premise: one of the few remaining of its species, the male sloth is out to find a mate and in turn, is willing to break misconceptions just to get laid be with "The One."

Did he find what he was looking for?


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