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'The Art Of Kalandian' Shows You 'Must-Haves Before Making Landi' And 'The 10 Landimandments'

Visual guide by Filipino illustrator Alfred Pangan comically dissects the game of 'landi.'
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Sep 1, 2015
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Filipino Multimedia arts design student, John Alfred Pangan, recently published a collection of infographics for those that need a little helping hand in that thing called landian. It's called "The Art Of Kalandian," a book-like compilation of satirical infographics all centering on landi. The work was published on the graphic design network, Behance.net, last August 28, 2015.

Here's the" book cover":

Of the various illustrations, our favorites are the "Must-Haves Before Making Landi," and the "10 Landimandments"—which actually offer some practical (if somewhat naughty) flirting advice. While there are a few parts that sound like it's talking mostly to girls and gay men, majority of the things here apply universally and can help you polish your flirting game.

And hey, it's just amusing. 

Here's the dedication page:

Your checklist of things you need to make landi:

The rules you must follow:

Scientific comparisons to this game of #feels:

And important quotes by people you don't know but seem to make sense:

Essentially, all of these can be boiled down to four words: less hugot, more landi!

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