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Asia Agcaoili's Brief But Bodacious Return To Her Favorite Playground

The beloved former cover girl and sex guru dishes on hot mom life, CrossFit, and other naughty bits
by Ash Mahinay | May 26, 2017
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Packing it all up and moving to New Zealand might be one of the most effective ways of dropping off the grid. After all, not much happens back there aside from Lord of the Rings movies and sheep. We ate our words about the place when former cover girl and arguably FHM's most popular sex columnist Asia Agcaoili—or rather Vanderkolk—said hello, though. Sounds like the perfect place to go to now actually...  

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You look great, how are you doing?

I am great, thanks for asking! I am currently living in Auckland, New Zealand with my son, Xander, my husband, and my husband’s colleague. I am busy being a homemaker, cleaning the house, helping my son with his homework, helping him develop the love for reading, math, and science. I also am busy going to the gym four to six times a week doing Crossfit and a few stretchings here and there. My goal is to lift heavier weights and also be stretchable enough that the circus would recruit me!

Definitely send us a video of your debut circus performance please!

I always post on my Facebook and Instagram so watch out, ha ha!

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Have you actually been sneaking visits here behind our backs all this time? Or has it been more or less a permanent stay in NZ for you?

The last time I visited the Philippines was in July 2009. I stayed for just three days so things were hectic then as you can imagine. I reside in New Zealand, but who knows, maybe someday I'll go for a visit again. I've been all over the world, but I never partied as much as I did in Manila! I sometimes fantasize of having a night out in Manila–maybe one night I'd wake up butt naked, a frog in my ear strumming his guitar singing "Freedom" by George Michael. I don't know why I have that fantasy, I just do, okay!

Well your set just reminded us of our fantasies, so we’re even. We've been blessed by quite a few hot mommas posing recently, and now you've joined their number. How did it feel to get back in front of the camera for FHM again?

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It feels great! It is empowering. From a woman to a mother, one has to go through a tremendous and permanent change. If one has gone through it and still manages to feel sexy; that's a test of endurance. Then for some hot mommas to pose in FHM after that is a great salute. For me posing in FHM is like being in my playground once again. It feels like home.

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And you are always welcome home! We've gone a long time without some naughty time advice from an outspoken mind like yours, what are your observations on how millennial men deal with sex and relationships?

My advice for millennials about sex and relationships: It's a hundred times better if you didn't get sex with just one click of a finger. It becomes better when you wait a little. It has more meaning if you share something more than your bodily fluids—dig deeper!

And how about telling them what lies in store? When, like you, they’ve become mature, experienced, and very well-versed when it comes to the intricacies of the human body?

At times, it is timed. At times, it’s just foreplay and the sex is delayed till the evening—at times just the feeling of being fondled is enough! It is a bit more sensual. What I really love is the courtship before the actual act. The attention to details, the mirroring, the flirting, the cuddles—it intensifies the lovemaking or the fantasy!

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For more of Asia Agcaoili and our sweet reunion, grab a copy of FHM's May 2017 issue at your favorite bookstores natiowide.

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