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5 'Commitment Tests' Every Guy Must Go Through

The real climb is just about to begin after you and her become official.
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Feb 15, 2016
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The day you've been waiting for has finally happened: You and your girl are official. Finally, all the hard work is over, and you can concentrate on romancing her.

Well, not just yet. The real climb is just about to begin, cowboy. There are "commitment tests" you need to fulfill, and these are...

1) Buy her some napkin

Bad news: She's on her period. Worse news: No sex for a week. Worst news: She wants you to rush to the nearest store because she's forgotten to bring an extra for emergency.

You've got no real choice here. If that red thing goes through her pants because you were so stubborn, you won't be able to live that one down ever.

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You'll feel like everyone else is judging you when you grab a pack of Modess from the shelf, but really, it's just you. There's nothing wrong with being the man she needs during that time of the month. And here's an extra tip: Get her some chocolates at the same time. It will lighten her mood.

2) Wear stuff you said you'd never ever wear

Remember those personalized couple tees you used to mock? Well, now you're the idiot.

As it turns out, she's exactly the girl of your dreams...except she likes wearing personalized couple tees especially when you're at the mall. Tip: Wear a mask.

3) Tag along when she's shopping for underwear

While it's sexy to see her in lingerie, shopping for it isn't. For all the other girls who aren't your girlfriend, you're just a creep who's trying to peep. You try to act like you are not looking AT ALL, but you know you're only making it even more uncomfortable for everyone involved.

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4) Watch love-team movies

She likes all the superhero movies you like. It's why you fell in love with her.

Then she admits it: She's also into all those KathNiel, LizQuen, and JaDine movies. She will drag you into them, and worse, you will begin to love these films slowly. What has she turned you into?!

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5) Unwittingly go third-wheeling. 

So your GF and her BFF have decided to meet up. She told you her friend's boyfriend will be coming too. Or not. Now you're stuck listening to them exchanging rumors while secretly scoping the area for a place to momentarily hang.

So, what now? Just ride it out, cowboy. Overcome these tests, along with a few others, and you'd best believe you've found true love.


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