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#ThinkTwice: You Don't Want To Make Love In The Following Places

You can’t have mind-blowing sex everywhere
by Ron Jay Eduvas | Oct 21, 2014
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FHM Nation, did you hear about the frisky couple who had sex in the ocean...and got their genitals stuck together via suction? Sounds nasty, and not in a good way!

We bet they merely wanted to emulate this Brazilian couple:

Video via USAnewz

But you know what's more shocking? The fact that this isn't the only ocean-sex-gone-wrong incident this yearsimilar cases were also reported in Zimbabwe and Spain! 

Though we encourage lovers to explore the outdoors, it's not possible to have mind-blowing sex everywhere. There are places that you may want to stay away from, and below are some of them!

Under A Running Shower 

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You may have seen flicks with steamy shower sex scenes, but trust us—shower sex will do you more harm than good. For starters, one of your manoy’s mortal enemies is water. Did you know that cold H2O can cancel out your erection in a jiffy? Do you really want her to see your limp stick?

Water also washes out all the natural lubricants that allow you to enjoy a smooth romp. All the love juices that make things slippery go down the drain.

Lastly, did you know that most household accidents take place in the shower area? You don't want to be rushed to the emergency room buck naked, do you? #Dyahe

Any Kind Of Public Transportation

Video via primarycode

We know sex on a public transit (buses, planes, trains, cabs, pedicabs) promises an instant adrenalin rush, but you might want to think about the walk, err, ride of shame that comes afterwards. Worse, what are you going to do if some perv secretly films you and uploads it on the Web?

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