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(MUST) WATCH: K-Pop Girl Group 'Bambino' Releases Interactive 360-Degree Rehearsal Video

K-pop girl group revolutionizes the way we look at sexy rehearsal vids.
by Gelo Gonzales | Jun 30, 2015

It's hard to keep track of K-pop girl groups nowadays...because there's just so many of them.

But one new girl group, called Bambino, has done something that's sure to help them stand out: a sexy rehearsal video. Theirs is NOT JUST another sexy rehearsal video. Bambino's video for their first single, "Oppa Oppa," features interactive 360-degree panning, which means that you can pan or rotate the camera as the girls dance, as if you were in the dance studio yourself.

Currently, the feature works in Google Chrome and the YouTube app for iOS and Android (make sure to download the latest version!). In Chrome, you make use of a directional pad on the upper left corner of the video in order to control the camera. On the YouTube app, you can either use the touchscreen or move the phone itself to adjust the vantage point.

Here's the video:

Video via ????(Verest) 360 VR

The video, which was uploaded  on June 21, 2015, has two versions. One is the "Down mode" seen above, which features a worm's eye view, and the "Eyes mode," which offers the standard human eye-level perspective: 

Video via ????(Verest) 360 VR

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