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Today In WTF News: Have You Heard Of The Vagina Beer?

And do you think you can drink one?
by Gelo Gonzales | Apr 1, 2016
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Majority of guys have but one wish in this lifetime: to sip beer brewed using vaginal fluids. That's at least if you're taking the perspective of the team behind "The Order Of Yoni," a beer made from their muse's vaginal lactic acid bacteria.

The "Order Of Yoni" is currently an Indiegogo campaign, with a target of 150,000 Euros. So far it has only made 400 Euros with 23 more days left in the campaign. The team plans to use the vaginal lactic acid bacteria from Czech model Alexandra Brendlova.

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"Here's a beer with flavors that will let you feel what's it like to drink a woman," goes their mind-blowing sales pitch, which sounds sketchy at best. They promise they'll ensure that the product is 100-percent safe before they release it to the public, given the sensitive nature of the "ingredients" they're using.

Check out their promo video:

So, is this something you can get behind? If yes, well, you can support them by donating money here.


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