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Study Says Being Too Handsome Is Bad For Your Career

So that's why we didn't get that promotion
by Khatrina Bonagua | May 24, 2016
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So it's true, you really can't have it all.

A recent study found that handsome men are seen as a threat by their male bosses and are less likely to be hired; or if already in the company, are rarely given roles that showcase their individual talents.

The study, carried out in the US and UK, involved researchers at University College London’s School of Management and the University of Maryland. After carrying out four separate experiments in four different offices, they found that when men were hiring other men to work with them, the attractiveness of the candidate negatively affected their decision. On the other hand, a woman's desirability did not prevent her from being chosen by a company.

“Managers are affected by stereotypes and make hiring decisions to serve their own self-interests so organizations may not get the most competent candidates" said professor Sun Young Lee, lead researcher at the University of Maryland.

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"With more companies involving employees in recruitment processes, this important point needs attention. Awareness that hiring is affected by potential work relationships and stereotyping tendencies can help organizations improve their selection processes."


But if these good-looking gents successfully get in, they tend to end up in less important positions or teams. Why? Well, individual talent will add another pogi point to their already brimming handsomeness meter. “No matter how competent they are, they are still viewed as unwanted competition for some,” the study stated.

Chalk up another victory for semi-gwapo guys everywhere.


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