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WATCH: The Surprise Benefits Of Masturbation

Apparently, playing with yourself has benefits that go beyond pleasure.
by Neps Firmalan | Sep 14, 2015
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While we really wouldn't recommend it as an excuse to tell your GF or parents when they catch you jacking off (because, c'mon, we know why you do it), masturbation apparently has real health benefits. In fact, recent studies have linked frequent ejaculations to lowered reduced prostate cancer risk.

But just in case you did use it as an excuse and are now in need of some, uhm, hard proof, the video below from AsapSCIENCE (a YouTube channel which specializes in raining down interesting facts on its viewers via brief but very concise clips) should come in handy (pun shamelessly intended).

It's basically about the many benefits of self-pleasure for both men and women, and some of the tidbits are downright surprising:

Video via AsapScience

You've just been SCIENCE'ED, bros!

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