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NSFW: 2014's Most Memorable Nude Movie Scenes All In One Video!

This should go down in non-porn video history as among the most boner-inducing videos ever!
by Neps Firmalan | Dec 7, 2014
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The good guys at MTV decided to compile 17 of the most memorable nude movie scenes of 2014 in one super sexy video which should go down in non-porn video history as among the most boner-inducing ever. Seriously, it's a 64-second must-watch NSFW masterpiece!

Featuring scenes from films like Sin City: A Dame To Kill For and Guardians of the Galaxy (really!), it stars some of the biggest names in Hollywood in some really compromising, uhm, positions.

And, yes, we decided to do you guys a solid by importing it here (thanks, MTV!). But first, a pampagana! See below, several of the silver screen goddesses included in the video in similarly-steamy GIFs!

Scarlett Johansson (from Under The Skin)

sexy movie gifsGIF via

Cameron Diaz (from Sex Tape)

sexy movie gifsGIF via

Shailene Woodley (from White Bird in a Blizzard)

sexy movie gifsGIF via Swedishfishrule

Eva Green (from Sin City: A Dame To Kill For)

sexy movie gifsGIF via Cinelander

Kristen Stewart (from Clouds of Sils Maria)

sexy movie gifsGIF via

We bet you're raring to press "Play" on something! A warning though: dudes are in the video as well; but the scenes of the aforementioned actresses should be more than enough to down those images out. But if you're a gal, well, you're also going to enjoy this!

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You're welcome!

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