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Camp buddies start fire

<p>Decoding the female mindset one tale at a time</p>
| Mar 30, 2009
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My call center colleagues Abby, Frank and I have been the closest of friends ever since the first day of training. We were all singles and did everything together. Some of our colleagues even thought that either Frank was gay or Abby and I were lesbians—but we didn’t care. One time, our company held an overnight outing at Mt. Makulot in Batangas, where the three of us shared a tent. Later that night, we weren’t ready to go to sleep yet so we decided to make use of all the alcohol we brought along. The session started with the usual jokes and conversations until we started to speak of past relationships, experiences and fantasies. The erotic topics made me suggest jokingly that Abby and I french-kiss for fun, and lucky for me, she was game. As we kissed I started to feel so horny that I found my hand inside her shirt, fondling her breasts until she started to fondle mine. Since Abby and I were now in total heat, we just looked at each other, smiled and proceeded to crawl toward Frank.

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