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Can You Really Identify A Virgin Just By Looking At Her Thigh Gap?

It's stupid, we know
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Dec 2, 2016
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An image which indicates that thigh gaps can reveal whether or not a woman is still a virgin has been circulating online. It claims that small to no thigh gap means the opposite sex is still a virgin. Meanwhile, it claims that the wider the space in between the legs, the more likely that she has already surrendered her V-card. It's lousy science, we know. 

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In case you still haven't heard, a thigh gap pertains to, well, the gap between the thighs when you're standing with your legs together. 

Dr. Mae Kristel Ballestero, an obstetrician & gynecologist resident, says there's no physical way to tell if a woman has had sex.

"The thigh gaps are her natural anatomy. She's born with it and sexual contact will not change it," notes Dr. Ballestero.


Women agree with the expert and think this is nothing but a lame theory created by someone who has nothing better to do in life.

Clarissa, 26, says: "I heard about this back in high school, but as I got older I dismissed it completely. You can't tell if a girl is a virgin by merely looking at her thigh gap because our bodies are all built differently."

Meanwhile, Jane, 31, says she hasn't noticed any physical changes on her body since she got married three years ago: "When I gave up my virginity to my husband, nothing changed, except the fact that we are more calm around each other. Having sex won't have the slightest effect on a girl's thighs. It's not like her legs will suddenly start moving apart afterwards."

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Alyana, 20, says there's no better way of knowing if a woman's still a virgin other than asking her directly. She shares: "I was always accused by my classmates of no longer being a virgin just because of the wide space in between my legs. But that isn't true. It's never nice to hear someone say: 'Di ka na virgin no? Halata naman sa space ng legs mo'."

According to Dr. Ballestero, the only way to tell if a woman is still a virgin is by doing an internal exmaination. "If the hymen is intact, the individual is still a virgin." 

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