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UNCENSORED: FHM's Ultimate Collection Of Celebrity Bikini Malfunctions

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| Apr 1, 2015
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If guys take pride in the Jordan's on their feet, our dear ladies treasure the bikinis that can really accentuate their curves. But every girl knows a bikini can either be their BFF or their worst enemy–especially now that summer's officially here.

"Is it too tight?" "Does it really fit my body type?" "Am I not showing too much?" These are just some of the questions that linger in every woman’s mind before she decides to frolic in her swimsuit. However, the recent changes in Internet behavior have brought about another question, which has become the most important of all: "Just how sure am I that this top won't let my nipples say hello?"

In the spirit of helping our sisters out and, we admit, quenching your thirst for #humpday photos, we compiled the most popular bikini mishaps known to man. Of course, they're filled with celebrities. Of course, you should tell your girl friends about it.

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Right, Anne?

Click on the photo below to check out our gallery of bikini FAILS!

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