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Cinema Erotica

Hot fun in the summertime courtesy of our female narrators
by Mikey Agulto | Mar 2, 2012
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My boyfriend and I loved having sex in public places when we were younger. When calling to mind the best of them, one particular occasion comes to mind.

We were watching a movie at a really old theater in Quezon City. It was really smelly and musty, but the dirtiness of it all added to the excitement. We were seated at the top and there was no one else besides a few other couples in the theater. My guy slowly slipped his hand up my skirt and fondled my wet pussy.

I started to lick his ear and kiss his neck as I undid his pants. His dick was already hard and throbbing through his underwear and I knew we were in for a quickie. I proceeded to sit on top of him as he massaged my breasts from on top of my shirt. I muffled my moaning by taking his tongue in mine.

The theater seemed to be a hotspot for couples looking to let loose, and as we climaxed, I noticed we weren’t the only ones getting wild. There were at least two more couples pretending to watch the movie, but we knew better. The best thing about it? As soon as the movie ended and he dropped me home, he broke up with me. Bastard.

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