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Common Sex Mistakes Men Do According To Adult Film Actresses

'Sharp nails. Men don't manicure. That's just not nice'
by Gelo Gonzales | Jun 6, 2016
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We're all striving to be the perfect lover—a beast in the bed who knows exactly how to please his partner.

To become one, we could always use a little help. Today, we get some from women who should know a little something about lovemaking: porn stars. The AskMen YouTube channel recently asked a number of these adult film actresses—Princess Levi, Danni King, Lynda Leight, Yuffie Yulan, Tanya Tate, and Linsey Dawn McKenzie—about the common sex mistakes that men do.

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At first, we expected to hear wild things such as not being open to anal sex or not being rough enough. But as they have proven time and time again, these actresses are not so different from regular women who don't work in porn.

Here were some of their answers: 

"No foreplay."

"Taking your time and not just going for it."

"Too rough with their fingers and stuff. Be gentle."

"Men can be very selfish. They expect you in the morning to suck their dick, and be on their way—and they don't repay the pleasure."

"Sharp nails. Men don't manicure. That's just not nice."


Aside from identifying the mistakes, they also offered some advice. One of them, Tanya Tate, had this important suggestion:

"They've got to communicate with her. Talk to us. Know how to touch us. Explore the body. When the girl's ready, you need to know when she's ready."

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As Linsey Dawn Mckenzie sensitively points out, "When somebody goes with the flow, and they're not trying to be the porn star, trying to impress. To me, it's the passion, it's more about the feeling. It's not so much about being fast or being big. It's about the connection."

We really can learn a thing or two from these women, can't we?

Now, watch the clip here:

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