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Conor McGregor's Sister Has Looks That Could Kill

Aoife McGregor is a certified knockout
by John Paulo Aguilera | Jan 16, 2017
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Conor McGregor became famous for his championship-level fighting prowess and penchant for trash talk, not to mention his sharp dressing and in your face personality.

True-blue fans of the reigning UFC Lightweight Champion are aware of his humble beginnings in Ireland, where he once worked as a plumber. When you've hit rock bottom, just imagine Conor fixing a leak for money in his early years...

Little is known about his family, except that he came from a long line of warriors. The thing is, the McGregors are not just "Children of the Mist" whose sole purpose in life is to fight.

Meet Aoife McGregor, one of Conor's sisters. She went viral recently after sharing on Instagram an eye-popping bum snap from her honeymoon.

This got us curious, so we went on and checked her full profile. Apparently, Aoife is as notorious as her brother on social media—notoriously smokin'. Her bikini photos don't lie.

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Aoife's selfie game is so strong it could knock out anyone who stares at them for too long. In the words of Conor, referring to her husband, "Who the fook is that [lucky] guy?!"

Not only that, she has a hypnotic face to boot. That Irish and English mix is doing her well.

Aoife's best look though? One that is oddly similar to her younger brother.

Suddenly, we realized that Conor wouldn't appreciate us staring at her. Forgive us, Conor!


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