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7 Things To Say To Make A Girl Go Braless On No Bra Day!

It's for a good cause, y'all!
by Neps Firmalan | Oct 11, 2013
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We've been hearing some buzz that something big is going down on Sunday, October 13. We had no clue what it was, even after checking our calendars, planners, and all-important Kailan Walang Pasok list. Intrigued, we decided to consult the one place that offers the answers to everything: Facebook. And our sleuthing on the giant social network yielded results!

Ladies and gents, it's No Bra Day on Sunday!

no bra day 2013

Upon further research, we found out that No Bra Day has been celebrated at least two times already, dating back to 2011, although the exact dates each year varies. So no, it's not a new spur-of-the-moment thing brought about by our penchant to celebrate just about anything. As to its origins, it looks to be the product of social-networking fervor to raise awareness for breast cancer hence, the focus on brassieres and a woman's mammary glands.

For guys, if you want to partake in this non-official-yet-worth-high-fiving event, we ain't stopping you. As long as you don't do selfies with duck faces and show your man boobs, we're all good. But you know what would be even better? Actually convincing members of the fairer sex to join! Now we understand if they'll be shy about joining, especially those with big knockers. But, with a little bit of charm, you might be able to convince them—without getting bitch-slapped while doing so!

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