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7 Freaky Sex Positions You Probably Haven't Tried Yet

Warning: These could either turn you off or get you excited (depending on how badly you need to get creative).
by Chise Alcantara | Oct 21, 2015
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One of the best places for a man to stir his creative juices is the bedroom. But while having sex is awesome and all, there's a good chance that couples who’ve been together for many years would probably still run out of ideas (read: "I'm tired of "brainstorming," so let's just get it over with, okay?")

For those experiencing this dilemma, don’t you worry, we might be able to help you out! The keyword here is "might" because below are downright crazy (and maybe even gross) sex positions we've compiled by scouring that part of the Internet.

Warning: these could either turn you off or get you excited (depending on how badly you need to get creative).


The name probably comes from the fact that when you try out this move it’ll make you feel like a rock star while you’re doing it. Place her legs over your thighs and support her thighs as you pump into her. Try doing it to the tempo of a rock ballad and pump your fist into the air as she sings you a whole concert (of moans).

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You may or may not role-play as a dragon…we’re just kidding, you always have to role-play as a dragon. Let the upper half of your partner’s body lean off the bed with her delectable butt facing you. When she feels comfortable enough, jam your thing right into her, and then roar like a triumphant dragon. After which, prepare for at least a kick to your scaly balls as a fair reciprocation. 


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As impossible as this move sounds, if you do manage to accomplish it, you’re sure to feel like a badass stuntman porn star after. First, put yourselves in the missionary position, and then when she least expects it, using the sheer momentum of your thrusts, do a 360-degree spin with your whole body using your penis as a screw! Yeah, we told you this list is kinda screwed.


So you’re having sex with your girl while you’re on your knees and she’s lying on her back; then you get possessed by Big Bird and suddenly get on top off her. And then you try to balance your whole body using your penis that’s still in her vagina while you use your arms to flap (to help maintain balance). We’re not quite sure why people of the Internet christened this the "Flying Camel," because you probably look like a really weird bird trying to fly with a conjoined twin bird attached to its belly.

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As you might've already guessed, this position requires you to recreate that beautiful scene from Titanic where Jack lifts up Rose and she says, "I'm flying!" But instead of lifting her up with just your arms, you're gonna be using your thing as well. Penetrate her from behind and let both of your arms embrace the entire world that’s before you, and all the perverts watching–if you're doing this on a balcony or something for that extra cinematic effect.


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This is what most people call getting a ring-hand job. It’s when a girl gets behind you and licks your butt while she strokes your penis. Apart from not farting on your girl’s face, there aren’t many tips we can give you for this to work properly. Unless your chick is into that stuff, then blow that trombone all you want.


Let your girl lay on her back then lift up her butt and place her crotch near yours. Thrust into her while pressing all the right buttons of her female parts just as you would a really sexy game controller. Now, if only she vibrated…

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