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Crush and burn

Naughty gal scores a steamy encounter with her long-time crush!
| Feb 13, 2007
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My barkada, formed way back in college, is a very tight-knit group made up of mostly guys and a few of us girls, who were just considered “one of the boys.” In one particular out-of-town trip, we planned on having a mini-fiesta. Some went to the nearby grocery and market to do the shopping, while the rest of us stayed home to do other chores. There were four of us left at the vacation house: me and three other guys, including my crush. While the others were gone, my crush and I went inside the bedroom to watch a movie. The other two guys went in the next room to play cards. I couldn’t get into the movie because I was thinking about what to talk about with my crush. When I glanced at him, I found him staring already. It felt awkward but I maintained eye contact. He then stood up, firmly placed his hand behind my neck, and kissed me, his tongue forcing its way into my open mouth. He stopped and guided my hand to his crotch area.

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