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Girls, Guns and Cars: 20 Reasons We Want To Switch Lives With Instagram Millionaire, Dan Bilzerian

Millionaire poker player Dan Bilzerian shows off his decadent lifestyle on Instagram, and makes us ponder: "Am I really happy now?" Here are photos that will make you think the same way.
by Gelo Gonzales | Mar 24, 2014
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We once heard a song that told us to never wish to be someone else, and just be ourselves because ourselves are awesome enough.

Since hearing it, we've comfortably followed the decree to a tee, and been relatively happy and satisfied...until today that is when we came across Dan Bilzerian and his Instagram account where his bio reads: "Actor/Astronaut/Asshole and I play poker sometimes."

But he is more than that. While the 33-year-old, Los Angeles-based Dan Bilzerian indeed gained his millions as a high-stakes poker player, what his Instagram bio failed to tell you is that he's someone who loves and enjoys life.

Entrada, evidencia numero uno:

See where we're getting at? Dan Bilzerian isn't just an "Actor/Astronaut/Asshole," he's a bonafide playboy of the modern times, who's not shy to share his exploits on his Instagram account which currently has 600,000 followers and counting. He's an unapolegetic hedonist who loves girls, guns and cars.

He's livin' the life--a life we wish he'd swap with us even for just a day. And below are 20 more decadent reasons:

1) He has one of the best seats in the house at the Staples Center.

2) He has a yacht big enough that a helicopter can land on it. Also, it can fit at least seven bikini babes comfortably in its yacht-cuzzi.

3) He doesn't mind if pets get in the way of his babes...

4) Nor does he mind if people block his driveway.

5) He's a smart dude who makes use of thermal cameras to determine real boobs from fake ones.

6) He's generous with the piggyback rides...

7) ...but also makes use of other ways of carrying women.

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