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Having A 'Dating Resume' Will Make You An Instant Hit With The Ladies

The more detailed it is, the better your chances of scoring a date soon
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Mar 23, 2017
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Women can be quite creative in ruining the chances of a potential date.

Joe Adams, a 21-year-old Michigan State University student, experienced this first hand when a lady he had approached in a café instantly rejected him for not having a dating resume.

“Obviously, this was her way of saying no, so I did not want to have something similar happen again,” Joe told in an interview. “I went home and started making one [for the future]. Two or three hours later, my resume was born.”

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As you can see, Joe's version contained elements of a regular curriculum vitae—name, educational background, and work experience—but he wisely injected funny tweaks to make it pop and more reader-friendly. 

“To find a honey with bitchin’ family who enjoys sushi, adventures, & good movies,” he wrote under "Objective," for starters.

He also highlighted his specials skills—"replying to long texts," and "crying during Marley & Me"—and included a pie chart that showed how he allocates time for “academic grind, religious functions, adventure time, FaceTiming my mom, run dog’s insta/FB, and watching Netflix.”


When his schoolmate announced in a Facebook group that she’s looking for a “formal date” for her friend, Joe quickly commented, attaching his clever CV. 

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Though he failed to score a date with his friend’s friend, Joe’s remark rapidly spread on social media after a member of said FB group took a screen shot of his comment and shared it on Twitter. 

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“I’ve gotten literally hundreds of messages since the post went viral,” Joe said in a recent Elite Daily interview. “Texts, tweets, Instagram messages. I hope people aren’t offended when I don’t reply. It’s just a lot to handle right now and I’ve had a huge influx of messages lately.”

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According to Dr. Joy-Alvi R. Arañas, RPsy, RGC, counseling psychologist from Pathways Counseling and Assessment Center, Joe’s fantastic idea is an inventive way of presenting oneself to the opposite sex. “A dating resume can serve as a guide and initial step in trying to find a date that matches a person’s interest. It may help the person to decide whether to pursue the date or not.”

He says a detail-oriented resume can easily catch the attention of women. “It makes the decision on whether to dismiss the idea of going to the next stage or cultivating substantial interaction [with the guy] easier for them.”

Dr. Arañas also believes being creative about presentation is a plus because it accentuates your uniqueness and true self. Naturally, total honesty is a must.

“When you’re free to express yourself without worrying about what other people think or say about you, it makes your life fun, enjoyable, and interesting. Being creative can make you more attractive to your potential partner."

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Dr. Joy Alvi R. Aranas,  RPsy, RGC is a counseling psychologist from Pathways Counseling and Assessment Center. For consultation, you can visit him at 718 Sunday Street St. Joseph Village, Panapaan, City of Bacoor, Cavite. 

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