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#FHMIconDiana: Diana Zubiri's Grand Comeback Starts With FHM September 2014!

Welcome back, Diana!
by Ash Mahinay | Sep 1, 2014
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While we at FHM aim to be cool-faced, unaffected professionals despite the constant parade of heavenly bodies right before our eyes at shoots and events, there are still (a lot of) those moments where we can’t help but feel our pulses quicken and get moisty under the collar. Our latest cover girl had us going off even before she arrived–how can you chill knowing that after six long years the Diana Zubiri is going to walk in through our studio door again?

Diana arrived without much fanfare–just one trusty alalay, no anti-paparazzi shades, dressed in a simple-but-body-hugging-in-the-right-places dress–but inside our heads, trumpets were blaring, angels were singing and everything seemed just a bit brighter.

This was Diana Zubiri.

The icon.

Three-time cover girl, 100 Sexiest list mainstay, flyover controversy causing star of refreshingly honestly named films such as Bakat and Liberated, standing right in front of us...

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...and she's about to get undressed (again) for our camera!

diana zubiri fhm september 2014

We wish we could share all the Bubble Gang-worthy anecdotes and wisecracks Diana spouted off during the shoot–but we can’t, because Diana was as quiet as a mouse during the shoot. A very sexy, gorgeous, well-endowed mouse, but yeah, not much except for those face-melting smiles (our faces melted, not hers). And that was totally fine because the entire staff was pretty much taken aback by her mere presence anyway.

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She later revealed that her mum-ness was just her being a cool-faced, unaffected professional and because, gusto ko kasi fast, ayoko yung patigil tigilgusto ko yung mabilis!” which elicited a “he he” in our dirty minds. This is only a tidbit from an interview where she more than made up for her initial paucity of words.

So did she ever try to blind her profs with some star power back in school? (Yes.) Did she worry about taking too long to come back? (No, because, “feeling ko maganda pa naman ako.”) And, of course, what does she think is the sexiest part of her body? (Buy the mag to find out, h ehe!)

And after you’re done reading the cover story twenty times, you might want to move over to our magic seven babes feature, an equally entertaining interview with Senator Antonio Trillanes IV, and even more babe goodness with the free gravure mini-mag with FHM faves Aica Sy and Yassi Coo.

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Our September 2014 issue is now available in supermarkets, newsstands, and bookstores everywhere. You can score digital copies through the FHM and Buqo apps, Zinio, and the Summit Newsstand soon. But if you're still a bit bitin despite all the thing we've already shown you from our new issue, click here for the video teaser and here for the E-Mag preview!

Now hit the gallery below for a behind-the-scenes look at Diana's FHM cover shoot!

Photos Mark Jesalva

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