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REAL TALK: Do Women Consider A Massage With A 'Happy Ending' Cheating?

We interviewed 20 women. Guess how many of them said it's fine
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Feb 24, 2016
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In one study involving 456 individuals, researchers found that even some non-sexual deeds, such as going out to dinner and sharing secrets with another person, were considered cheating by some.

Here's what the study didn't look into: "happy endings," a post-massage "hand service" offered at illegitimate spas. It's more popularly known in the country as "spakol." So we've decided to take matters into our own, erm, hands.  

We reached out to real women aged 20 to 35 years old and asked them: "Do you consider a massage with a happy ending a form of cheating?"

Below are their answers.

"I don't think he is cheating. I think he is sick! Why can't he just do it on his own?"—Stephanie, 29, single

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"He doesn't need to go to that hand-spa. I can do it for him. It's just stupid. It's expensive, surely beyond his monthly allowance, and it's definitely cheating."—Romelee, 33, married for 12 years

"Of course, it's considered cheating. It involves another person na eh. And I think it's gross. But honestly, I can still forgive him. As kadiri as the 'perk' is, I can say kasi na baka nadala lang siya ng heat of the moment, especially when there's an offer involved. Though it's not an excuse. Let's face it, guys can be weak kapag nasa harap na nila ang temptation." —Marj, 23, has been in a relationship for nine years

"It's an act of cheating kasi intimate activities should only be between people in a relationship. If he needs sex, even if it is just a quickie, he should get it from me." —Shy, 27, has been in a relationship for seven years

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"How can a dude say he's loyal if he avails such a service to satisfy his needs? He can do it himself, or maybe ask his girl to do it for him." —Kelee, 24, single

"Whatever his reason may be, cheating pa rin ang pag-avail ng happy ending. May mali sa relationship namin pag hindi niya masabi na gusto niya ng physical contact." —Therese, 30, has been in a relationship for two years

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"For me this is a form of cheating, considering na ipinahawak niya private part niya sa ibang girl. No way. Mas maiging magsarili na lang siya kaysa ipahawak niya sa iba." —Dawn, 25, single

"Dapat alam na ng lalaki na this is a form of cheating. May involved na another person eh. Kahit sabihing wala naman emotional attachment 'yon, tao pa rin yon. Alive and kicking!"—Christa,26, has been in a relationship for three years

"'Happy ending' means getting intimate with the masseuse right? So it is cheating!" —Bela, 28, has been in a relationship for four months

"I consider this kind of service as cheating. I can offer my own service. Bakit kailangan pa na magbayad siya ng iba para gawin ito?" —Marjorie, 20, has been in a relationship for three years

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"Pwede naman sa'kin magpa-handjob, bakit sa iba pa siya lalapit? Magbabayad pa siya. Is it because satisfying yung feeling na may inabutan siya ng pera after making him happy? Why doesn't he just pay me? Given na dapat pag in a relationship ka, ialay mo ang buong ikaw sa partner mo. Wala ng iba."—Melissa, 28, has been in a relationship for four years

"Ang cheating hindi lang sa pambababae. Once na hindi ka nagsabi or nagsinungaling ka, you are cheating. I condemn this act. Para kang hindi kontento sa girlfriend mo. Para saan pang naging partner mo siya kung hindi mo masabi needs mo?" —Beige, 23, has been in a relationship for nine months

"I think this depends on the situation but I don't think this is right. I consider this as a form of cheating. I can do it naman para sa kanya as long as he asks me and nasa mood ako." —Cha, 22, engaged

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"I should be the only one to see and touch that thing down there while he's in a relationship with me. But honestly, I don't think this is such a big deal. Though I'll still punish him. Maybe no touch for two weeks?" —Cristtle, 21, single

"Yes. A big YES! People always have a choice. So if he said yes to the offer of that 'massage therapist,' I think it's clear enough that he's choosing his lust over our relationship. But I'm sure time will come that I could forgive him." —Masako, 22, single

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"Hindi okay sa akin mag-avail asawa ko ng ganitong service. Asawa na niya ako, bakit hindi na lang namin pag-usapan?"—Leslie, 27, married

"I think kissing is already an act of cheating. What more kapag may private parts nang involved? However, I think I can still forgive him as long as it's only a hand job."— Celine, 22, has been in a relationship for six months

"I've heard about this before from one of the guys I dated. Also, I am surprised that quite a number of guys do it. Anyway, I think it is cheating. Guys, imagine this: What if the girls visit a so-called 'spakol' so that the masseuse could finger and fondle her? Just because you didn't stick it in your masseuse's vagina doesn't mean you've avoided cheating. Someone manually stimulated you to make you come. There's no way this couldn't be infidelity." —Karen, 27, has been in a relationship for nine months

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"I think it's not considered cheating as long as I'm aware of it. I think it's safe naman kasi there's no feelings involved and hindi naman siya literal na sex 'cause they're just using their hands." —Bernadeth, 26, has been in a relationship for a year


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