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REAL TALK: Do Women Really Care About How Much Money A Guy Makes?

'If we are talking about a serious relationship, 'yung tipong pakakasalan na, the answer is yes,'
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | May 25, 2016
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Relationships (or even simply asking a girl to go out on a date) can be pretty complicated. You have to be appealing, share something in common, and there must be some special chemistry to make it work. And oh, you should have a fat bank account too.

It might not sound terribly romantic, but when it comes to relationships, money really matters. Case in point: a poll published in Daily Mail UK found out that more women prefer to marry a man earning more than they do. Sixty four percent said they aspire to find a husband bringing home more money.

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Lead researcher Dr. Catherine Hakim said this is because most women "want to be a housewife more than they want a successful career of their own."

This brings us to today's edition of Real Talk. We summoned the courage to ask 10 women we know: "Does money matter when dating?"

Majority of the respondents said yes. Find out their reasons below.

"If we are talking about a serious relationship, 'yung tipong pakakasalan na, the answer is yes. Siyempre first pa din ang love but money comes next. How can you move on to the next level of your relationship if you don't have enough money? How can you afford to have a family without money?" —Hanie, 29

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"Yes. Sa panahon ngayon dapat praktikal na. What if siya na mapapangasawa ko? I need to know kung kaya niya ba akong buhayin and our future kids. Hindi na uso ang heart over mind. It's more important to be wise. Kung makikipag-relasyon na lang din, doon na lang sa kaya kang buhayin." —Sheila, 20

"Yes, money matters. I'm not fond of short term relationships so before I jump into one, I assess the financial stability of the guy. I would like to make sure he can provide in the future." —Ilona, 23


"I'm at that age now where I can't help but think about marriage potential. When I start dating someone I definitely take his profession into consideration, and with that profession comes his salary. I want a guy who will be able to support his future family." —Cherry, 27

"I didn't get into the relationship because of his money. But let's not be plastic. Iba pa rin yung may future ka sa magiging partner mo. Sino ba gustong maghirap? Iba pa rin ang may pera." —Beige, 24

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"I don't date someone because of his wallet size, but if he has a healthy bank account, it's definitely pogi points." —Mae, 25

"Not really. We can work it out naman eh. What I care about is if he can work his ass off for his family. Huwag lang siyang batugan. More on effort kasi working naman ako. Pero kung magpapamilya na, ibang usapan na 'yun." —Jessey, 24

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"It's not the money that I care about. I think it's actually the stage where he is in his life. Of course, I would want to be with someone who is doing well in his career because that would mean that he is smart and mature. I prefer dating an accomplished man who earns a decent amount of money than a frat boy with loads of cash in his trust fund." —Kimberly,23 

"Not so much. I'd rather date a hardworking guy who has ambition and will. As long as I see his passion in what he does, he'd definitely be more interesting to date." —Billie, 28

"No, as long as he has a decent job. More than the amount, what's more important to me is how he handles the money, what he prioritizes, how he budgets and spends." —Charlain, 18


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