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Why Women Think Money Is An Integral Part Of Any Relationship

Think about it, stability is attractive
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Apr 18, 2017
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Ugh, money. It’s already a complicated topic when you’re single and just trying to live independently, but throw another person into the picture and things get even more difficult to navigate.

Money, no matter how much you deny it, is really important in a relationship. Case in point: a poll carried out by Daily Mail UK found that women prefer to date a man who earns more than they do.

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But before you judge the opposite sex for wanting a man with some cash, it might be in your best interest to know why they aspire to go out with someone who’s financially stable.

“Love is not enough. Love can’t put a roof over your head. Therefore, money matters. I want to make sure that we can pay our bills and still afford to do fun things like vacations and date nights.”—Nadine, 27

“I would not get into a relationship with someone who’s very irresponsible with money. Shit’s expensive nowadays, and I need someone who will pull their weight.”—Mica, 23

“I’m a high earner and want someone who will contribute to our relationship. I want to provide my future kids with every advantage in life that I can: private schools, delicious and healthy food, and spoil them with their wants at times. Plus, I want to save for retirement. All that stuff doesn’t come cheap. So while I’m okay to pull money out of my pocket, I expect that my partner will be contributing to all that as well.”—Joanne, 30

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“Money itself isn’t attractive, but stability is—and is a valid quality to place importance on. Someone can be a great guy, but if he can’t afford to buy your neccessities then it’s still a bad idea.”—Patricia, 28

“I need a man to make enough money to pay his bills and take care of himself with enough extra to do activities once in a while. I don’t mind cooking at home or doing free and/or cheap things as long as all the essentials are taken care of. I want to marry a man whose salary combined with mine can buy property, travel, raise children, and maintain savings. I don’t need a millionaire—just someone who earns enough that combined with my income, we can be comfortable and not have to worry about money.” —Cheska, 29

“I prefer a man to make around the same amount of money that I make or more. That is simply because I always manage to end up in relationships where I make more money and I feel like I get taken advantage of (I pay for more meals, movies, vacations, etc). If the guy has his own money, it’s way easier to split things down the middle, which is what I prefer to do.”—Arra, 24

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“In the beginning of a relationship, money doesn’t matter to me at all. But once the relationship progresses and you start living together, I think it would be more about ‘Do we have enough money for what we need?’ Let’s face it: everything’s pricey these days so we need to be practical.” —Diana, 25

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