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What’s The Absolute Worst Thing That Can Happen To Your Patotoy? DR. MANOY Answers!

Every question that you were too shy to ask about your penis, now has an answer!
by Khyne Palumar | Mar 19, 2015
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Now that you’ve got a full physical and medical grasp of what anal sex does to your penis, there’s no reason not to ask more pressing questions about the state and well being of your real kumander.

The good news is, now you have Dr. Manoy. If you didn’t already know: We’re taking your dirtiest and most embarrassing patotoy problem, and nitpick our way into getting you answers, based on a little science, a little medicine, and a bit of genuine concern, not at all passing sarcasm or judgment—hey, all men have manoy.

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Shoot us an email at for concerns surrounding your manhood, and we’ll get back to you with solid, science-y, and manly answers.

Now, on to Question #2…

QUESTION: I’ve been having careless, unprotected sex simula nang ma-basted ako ng matagal ko nang nililigawan. I’ve gotten STDs because of these sexual acts, and I’m worried there might be something more. What are the chances I might actually have HIV?

- MatulisPeroSweet, by email


Your chances of contracting HIV (and STDs of any sort) go up every time you:

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a. Rub genitals with a non-constant partner/person who sleeps with somebody else/or a group of other people.

b. Aren’t wearing condoms (like Okamoto condoms or any reputable brand brought from your trusty drug store) or haven’t had vaccines (i.e. HPV shots for HPV/Human Papilloma Virus/Genital warts) in the event of said genital rubbing.

c. Exchange bodily fluids (needles, blood, fluids entering from cuts or sores)

But it all still figures like lotto—your chances might be high or low, but you either have it or you don’t.

Here’s what we’ve gathered from DOH’s National Center for Disease Control public data, and talks with doctors thus far on early symptoms of HIV (within one or two months of getting infected)…

1)   FEVER

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The first stage of an HIV infection, also called ARS (acute retroviral syndrome), will have you experiencing lagnat. Sometimes mistaken for a regular flu, gastrointestinal or other viral infection, or even hepatitis. Average burning up will be at 38.8ºC. Doctors advice getting blood work to get a closer look.


Lymph nodes are under-the-skin pockets that assist your immune system in fending off diseases. When there’s an infection, it gets inflamed/namamaga. The most visible of your lymph nodes is found on your neck, so expect beke-like inflammation in this area, along with bumps in your more hidden lymph nodes: your kili-kili/armpit and singit/groin regions.


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Because HIV is a virus that attacks your immune system, you’re sluggish, winded, and easily out of breath—not just on the onset. Fatigue is both an early sign and continuing symptom of HIV.


Inflammation inside the glands of your mouth and neck will also occur in reaction to the virus, which explains sore throat.


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It varies, but according to a study by the World Health Organization about 30 to 60 percent of people in the early stages of HIV suffer from LBM and pagduduwal, as your body is trying to fend off an infection.


Itchy, pink to light red areas that look like tigdas will appear all over your body, reported cases have mostly been on the belly and arms. You will scratch it. It will redden more.


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Similarly, 50 percent of people in the early stages of contracting HIV get into extreme pagpapawis or hot flashes in the evening.


Basically, white-red blotches of sugat around 2-8mm in diameter that may or may not leave scars in your mouth or manoy.


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A weakened immune system, panghihina, and a lack of appetite for food, will also eventually result in losing body weight.

Cringing or feeling dirty yet? Thrust wisely—you only have one titi!

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