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Ejaculation: By The Numbers

Listen up gents
by Andrei Medina | Nov 14, 2016
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To give a clearer perspective about ejaculation, AskMen recently teamed up with Pornhub to conduct a survey that revolves around male climax. The survey got 4,168 respondents mostly coming from AskMen readers and Pornhub users that reveal relevant information on ejaculation.

Here are some interesting things they've discovered:

Around 46 percent of the respondents finished their deed after 10 to 15 minutes of using just their hands to masturbate.

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But things were a lot faster for 40 percent of the respondents who used sex toys to masturbate as they got gratified within five minutes of self pleasure.

When it comes to having sex, around 39 percent tried their best to delay their climax in order to satisfy their partner.

On the contrary, 53 percent of those who were in a rush to climax during sex said their partners didn't shame them for being too quick in bed.


Yet 35 percent of the respondents felt pressure on themselves—that they needed to perform well—even when their partners said they were doing okay or better under the sheets.

Meanwhile, 44 percent of respondents are confident that they reach climax at just the right moment. On the other hand, 39 percent said otherwise and feel they are having premature ejaculation.

Well, at least they get satisfaction whether premature or otherwise, because six percent of respondents said they either have difficulties or don't climax at all.

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